Dan Abrams: Law Man & Online Media Giant

Dan Abrams is best known for his work as broadcaster. His first interest in broadcasting came while he was a student at Duke University. He started working at the schools television station as the news anchor. This led to a chance to intern at NBC one summer. After earning his political science degree Abrams followed his father into the legal profession by attending Columbia Law School. However by the time he graduated it was clear that his future was in television.

Dan Abrams Dan Abrams first job in television was working as a reporter for Court TV. He would cover many high profile trials. The biggest of these was O.J. Simpson. His coverage of the Simpson trial would make him a regular on NBC where he would eventually offered a full time job. While working as a correspondent covering the Supreme Court hearings to decide the 2000 presidential election he would again come to prominence due to the fact that he was the first reporter to get on the air with the result.

Following this Abrams would be offered his own show on MSNBC. The show called the Abrams report would not surprisingly focus on legal issues. He would host this show for five years before taking the job as general manager of MSNBC. Following a successful tenure in this position he would return to the air with another show before moving on to become the legal analyst on NBC. In 2011 he would decide to leave that job to move over to ABC to fill a similar job.

There is a lot more to Dan Abrams however than just as a television personality. In 2008 he started a media consulting company. Originally this was intended to focus on traditional media however after a few months in operation Abrams decided that it would be better to focus exclusively on digital media. The result is that his company Dan Abrams Research is one of the most successful digital media strategy companies there is. The main focus is on helping businesses to get the most out of social media. The decision to change to this business model proved a wise one as many of the largest companies have been looking for advice on how to use social media.

In addition to his consulting company he also runs a network of very successful blogs. There are currently five blogs in the network but more are expected to launch in the next few months. His first blog Mediaite is also his most successful. This is a blog that covers the media themselves. The most popular feature on the site is the power grid which uses an algorithm to rank media personalities on their influence. He has also launched blogs that cover fashion, sports, gossip and geek culture. They are all very successful and combined his media network gets over eight million unique visitors every month.