Corporate Attorneys (Job Content)

The job of a corporate attorney can cover a wide variety of areas. This is mainly because companies tend to have a wide variety of legal requirements. Depending on the size of the company that a lawyer is working for he may work in several different aspects of corporate law or he may focus on one specific area. Generally speaking the smaller the company the more diverse the work will be.

The job of a corporate attorney is to provide legal advice to large companies. Because of the wide variety of legal issues that these companies face it is one of the broadest of all legal specialties. The biggest part of the job for a corporate attorney is to advise the companies that they work for about the legal ramifications of the things that they do. One thing that all companies have to do before they make any decision is to determine what the legal consequences of that decision will be, in order to do this they will usually involve a lawyer in the planning process.

Because lawyers are so heavily involved in the planning process for a company they often find themselves working in senior management of the company. You can be almost certain that there is at least one lawyer on the senior executive team. In some cases this will be in a position that is expressly for a lawyer, more likely however is that they will fill the position of Senior Business Development Executive just like famous business lawyer Matt Mohwinkel. This is because their legal skills not only help with legal issues but are also great training for running the business.

The other big thing that corporate lawyers spend most of their time doing is reviewing contracts and other legal agreements. Big companies enter into hundreds if not thousands of these every year and they all have to be thoroughly reviewed before they are signed. For most corporate lawyers this is actually how they spend most of their time. As they gain more experience they can move into more advisory roles but early in their careers they bulk of a corporate lawyers time is spent reviewing contracts.

There are some corporate lawyers who specialize in representing their clients in court. In most cases these lawyers are only brought in when it is actually necessary to go to court as they are too valuable to spend time on the other aspects of a corporate lawyer's job. Big companies have to go to court all the time, the get sued on a fairly regular basis and they usually have to sue somebody else in turn. Lawyers who actually take cases to court are highly specialized professionals who usually have special training in litigation. Despite what a lot of people may think the average corporate lawyer is very unlikely to ever see the inside of a courtroom.