Criminal Defense Lawyers

Defense lawyers are attorneys that represent the defendant in a court of law. Quite a few defense lawyers get their start as state prosecutors. Prosecutors act on behalf of the state and the victim of a crime. When a criminal proceeding has a prosecutor, it generally does not have an actual plaintiff. If someone is charged with a crime and cannot afford to hire a defense lawyer, the state will pay for an attorney to defend them. There are a lot of good public defenders, but most who can afford defense lawyers hire one themselves.

In criminal cases, the defense lawyer's responsibility is to defend their client by attempting to cast aspersions on the state's case. The prosecutor has to convince the jury that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, the defense lawyer doesn't have to prove their client's innocence, as the law says that they are innocent until proven guilty. If there is evidence that can clear the client's name, it will be introduced in court.

While it's the defense lawyer's job to represent their client, there are limits to what they can do. Lawyers cannot put a witness on the stand and encourage them to lie, and the lawyer cannot lie to the judge. This is why most defense lawyers do not want their clients to admit guilt to them. Depending on the case's circumstances, it may be beneficial for the defense lawyer to know the truth; if the facts are indisputable, defense lawyers can work to get a reduced sentence. A lot of cases reach a plea deal before they make it to court, and some are dropped entirely.

In civil proceedings, the defense lawyer's job is harder, because the threshold for guilt is lowered to 51%. Often, when a not guilty verdict is reached in a criminal trial, the victim can pursue the case as a civil matter. While prosecutors can make a lot of money, defense lawyers make a lot more. Those who have a lot of assets and are facing prison time are usually willing to pay a lot of money to avoid it. If a case goes on for a long time, costs can run into the millions of dollars. In high-profile cases, the defense lawyer can become a celebrity of sorts.

When a person is charged with a criminal count, they should first choose a good criminal defense lawyer. The lawyer chosen can be absolutely crucial to the trial's outcome. Choosing defense lawyers can be a hard process, as there are concerns such as fees, experience and trial history involved. Before selecting a lawyer, be sure to ask them for information about their credentials and experience.