DUI Lawyers

If a person has been using drugs or drinking, and they decide to get behind the wheel of a car, they run a serious risk of being pulled over by the police. If the person in question fails field sobriety tests, or if they do not pass a Breathalyzer test, they will be arrested for DUI, or driving under the influence. A person arrested for DUI will need to hire a DUI lawyer to plead their case.

DUI lawyers represent people who've been charged with drinking or using drugs over the amount set by local law. The lawyer can handle all parts of a DUI case, from beginning to end. A reputable DUI lawyer will talk to their client and explain all the possible outcomes of a conviction- suspension or revocation of a driver's license, fines, fees and jail time.

Experienced attorneys will challenge the validity of the arrest, try to get the charges reduced, or try to get the sentence reduced. Many times, DUI lawyers will say that the police officer made an unconstitutional stop or that the breath testing was inaccurate.

DUI lawyers are experts at clarifying legal issues and ensuring that their clients know what's happening and what's to come. For instance, they can tell their client what kind of sentence comes with a first-time DUI conviction versus the sentence a repeat offender would get. DUI cases typically involve several hearings, starting with one at the DMV and ending with a hearing in state court. The lawyer attends each hearing and acts as the defendant's advocate.

Choosing DUI lawyers can be a hard thing to do. In a lot of places, the phone book is full of them; a good way to find an attorney is through word-of-mouth. Before choosing an attorney to plead a case, consider their experience and their fees. Some charge a flat fee, some charge by the hour. Many offer a free consultation. Once you've researched a few DUI lawyers' qualifications and experience, you should set up a few consultations. Aboce all, choose a lawyer that is a skilled listener and communicator.

Meeting with the top DUI lawyers on the list may help you narrow the field, but finances will likely be one of the deciding factors. If you are on a fixed or particularly low budget, be sure to let the attorney know so that you don't waste your or their time. Keep in mind that high price does not always equal high quality, and that choosing a DUI lawyer should only be done after careful consideration of all the factors mentioned above.