Social Security Lawyers

Social Security is a program run by the United States federal government, that provides retirees with a monthly payment. They also provide payments to people that cannot work because of mental or physical disability. Social Security lawyers have extensive knowledge of the regulations and rules surrounding Social Security claims. They may give advice to people who are asking for disability benefits, but can spend a lot of time working with those whose requests have been denied.

To get disability benefits, a person has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are too disabled to hold a steady job. Social Security uses an intensive process to arrive at a decision. They review the applicant's work and medical histories, and decide whether they can still work. Social Security lawyers know which documentation the SSA needs, and can tell their clients how best to prove their disability.

The average person who asks for disability payment usually does not have much knowledge of the Social Security Administration's eligibility criteria. Even if an attorney assists the claimant, the claim is denied 70-75% of the time. If the claimant uses Social Security lawyers during hearings before an administrative judge, they have a roughly 2/3 chance of getting their claim approved. Without the help of a Social Security attorney, there is a substantially lower chance of getting the claim approved.

Though Social Security lawyers are skilled in helping people navigate the disability application procedure, they usually work with those who believe they've met all the SSA's criteria for disability, but their benefits have been denied. Social Security lawyers request that the administration review the claim or they file a motion to have a judge review it. At the review hearing, the lawyer will plead the applicant's case by providing further proof of mental or physical disability. For example, an occupational therapist can offer testimony of the mental and physical requirements of a job, and medical experts can be called on to testify as to how the client's condition prevents them from doing the duties involved with their job. If the judge denies the claim, the Social Security lawyer can file an appeal with the SSAC (Social Security Appeals Council). The council reviews the judge's findings and the claim.

Social Security lawyers can file civil suits against the SSA if the appeal is denied. They can ask that the US District Court review the claim and the SSA's decision. If the USDC denies the claim, the Social Security lawyer may in rare circumstances file a motion with the Supreme Court.